Window Shopping: Geeky and kawaii hoodies and sweatshirts

It’s freaking cold outside. I’m not bitter. I should buy more hoodies. Not bitter.

1. Beer & Board Games Hoodie $35.80
2. Beemo from Adventure Time Hoodie $59.99
3. Fluffy Velour Unicorn Sweater $26.00
4. Rebel Ariel Sweatshirt $29.95
5. Tokidoki Donutella Donuts Allover Women’s Shirt $70.00
6. Kawaii Hoodie with Cat Print $33.00
7. Marvel Heroes Sweatshirt $19.80
8. Bunny Tri-Marl Sweat $45.00
9. Care Bears All Over Print Jumper £39.99

The Week In Pictures: Cats, Babies, and Shoes.

I took a cat nap with Oliver. He just loves being the little spoon.
Dorian tried to get in on the action but ended up looking like Grumpy Cat.
I spent Saturday night with my amazing sister, brother and niece. Look how cute Maddie is!
It’s Autumn! I’m officially rocking sweaters… and unicorn necklaces.
Mark and I have been playing Donkey Kong Country nonstop.
I designed some new stationery, themed for the amazing work of Studio Ghibli.
Even my running shoes are colorful.