Top 5 Cosplays on my Cosplay Bucket List

I’m getting the itch… to cosplay! So for 2014 and 2015 I am going to try to knock out as many of these as possible. The costumes for my chosen 5 are simple enough, so I can see this goal being completely attainable. Plus the world totally needs more cosplaying… and I need to do my part if we’re going to make the world a more colorful place <3


Annie from League of Legends

Annie is one I’ve dreamt of ever since Mark began playing League of Legends religiously. She’s adorable and evil, a combination that I’m a huge fan of. She has this epic bear named Tibbers that she can summon… he is her faithful bear slave and destroyer of worlds. Annie has a really cute purple dress, adorable bear backpack, random cat ears, and adorable 80′s leg warmers. In short, she’s a cute fireball of purpley goodness.


Kiss the Girl Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Ariel cosplays can be tricky, considering she’s a freaking fish. And I don’t see myself laying around a pool with my big green fin any time soon, so I’ve chosen to do “Kiss the girl” Ariel, or Kingdom dress Ariel. It’s recognizable enough, but I’ll actually get to use legs! The wig is key for this costume, for sure.


Lydia from Beetlejuice the cartoon

One of my absolutely favorite cartoons as a kid was Beetlejuice. Lydia wore a fantastic spiderweb poncho, pink and purple eyeshadow, and a crazy ponytail that just don’t quit. It not only seems extremely comfortable, but recognizable as well. My hope is that I could get a Beetlejuice to cosplay with me, but I think this one can be recognizable alone as well.


Disney’s Peter Pan

Peter Pan was a childhood idol of mine. He’s one of those androgynous cosplays that guys and girls can typically pull off. Peter is a young boy, and that makes girls the perfect choice to portray his youthful clean shaven look. We all know in the musical, he is usually played by a woman. And Peter represents a large part of my childhood and that notion of staying young forever. He’s adventurous, brave, charming and super cute! I gotta crow!


Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

BRB, writing erotic friend fiction. Tina Belcher was not my first choice for a Bob’s Burgers cosplay – it has always been Louise. But the more hilarious character development I see of Tina, the more I absolutely love her. She totally represents all of our awkward selves in our teen years, whether we like it or not. And again, it’s a simple costume that will be easy to put together. The key with this cosplay is that I believe it’s a must-do-as-a-group cosplay, which is why I am hoping me and my friends can do a Bob’s Burger group at New York Comic Con this year! So don’t be such a boob punch, and come hang out with me and Comic Con!

What’s on your cosplay bucket list? Leave a comment and let me know!

Window Shopping: Geeky and kawaii hoodies and sweatshirts

It’s freaking cold outside. I’m not bitter. I should buy more hoodies. Not bitter.

1. Beer & Board Games Hoodie $35.80
2. Beemo from Adventure Time Hoodie $59.99
3. Fluffy Velour Unicorn Sweater $26.00
4. Rebel Ariel Sweatshirt $29.95
5. Tokidoki Donutella Donuts Allover Women’s Shirt $70.00
6. Kawaii Hoodie with Cat Print $33.00
7. Marvel Heroes Sweatshirt $19.80
8. Bunny Tri-Marl Sweat $45.00
9. Care Bears All Over Print Jumper £39.99

New products available in my Etsy store!

Despite my feverish attempts to get my wedding stuff squared away, I have had some time to create a few new stickers for all of your lovers of kawaii geekery. So… tada! I have 3 new stickers available in my Etsy, Word to Your Unicorn!

All those Loki fangirls can get their fix by showing their love for the bad boy Loki! Are you a Hiddlestoner? Do you have a Loki shrine in your room? Do you think Tom Hiddleston is the hottest guy in Asgard? Jump on that bandwagon and get yourself a sticker!

Tom Riddle is just a sad misunderstood man. The power and glory of House Slytherin must have gone to his head, but he still needs love! He who must not be named… must also be stuck to things, so buy a sticker today!

Everyone’s favorite bad bitch, Maleficent, is here to prick all of our fingers and hearts with her adorable kawaii self on this sticker! Soon she will be gracing the silver screen in the form of Angelina Jolie, and I just can’t wait!

I’d love suggestions on loveable villains you’d like to see in sticker form, so post your favorite baddies in a comment!

The Beer & Board Games Drinking Game

Beer and Board Games is a fabulous YouTube show where 4 guys get together, drink a lot of beer, and play board games. It’s full of epic things, like Baby Cookie, a creepy baby with a weird voice… epic Christopher Walken impressions… and Cape Date. It’s also full of crazy moments of Sloan Rage, in which Matt Sloan gets very angry… Dylan being ridiculously drunk and adorable… and Aaron being generally hilarious. So, I decided to make a Drinking Game to go along with the show.

Beer and Board Games the Drinking Game

Check out the whole cast on their YouTube show and you can play along with the Beer and Board Games Drinking Game! Be sure to follow Beer & Board Games on Twitter!

Game of Thrones Tea Review


The wonderfully talented tea mistress Lydia of CeleryMoonDesigns has sent me her glorious Game Of Thrones tea to review! Oh sweet delicious and geeky tea, get into my belly! Lydia has devised custom house blends for each of the notorious Game Of Thrones families. She was kind enough to send me 3 blends: Caramel Stag (of House Baratheon), Black Blood (of House Greyjoy) and Dragon Kiss (of House Targaryen).

I would consider myself a new tea-er, but an avid one. I have been dabbling in the art of drinking loose leaf tea for some time now – there’s something meditative and magical about tea… sniffing the blends, taking it slow, and steeping a delicious brew. Let’s get straight into my om nommy experience with Lydia’s teas!


House Baratheon: Caramel Stag

Brew for at least 6 minutes then serve hot with honey and milk to taste. A popular tea that is delicious, rich and creamy with a pleasant aroma. The rooibos flavour is strong like Stannis, charismatic like Renly and full bodied, indulgent and decadent like King Robert. REDBUSH TEA, ALMOND, CARAMEL

I drank this tea straight, with no honey or milk – and it’s a good thing, because it’s perfect and sweet the way it is! It’s no wonder this is a popular brew, because it’s incredibly delicious. Like eating a Werther’s original candy, it’s not too overpowering, but it did make my taste buds sing a happy tune. This one was my favorite! I would pair it with some buttery cookies, or make it an after dinner brew.

House Greyjoy: Black Blood

Brew for 5 minutes then serve hot with honey or milk and sweeteners to taste. A simple but powerful black tea with a fresh taste of orange that cuts through the strong flavour. This tea once brewed is red like iron and like the Ironborn, strengthens the longer you brew it for. CHINA TEA, CEYLON TEA, ORANGE PEEL, RED SAFFLOWERS

This brew packs a punch, but it doesn’t overpower with the orange. It goes down easy, and for me, it did not need any honey, milk or sweetener. This tea picked me right up off the Iron Throne and tossed me off the edge of the Eyrie. It’s a perfectly peppy tea and a fabulous wake up call for the morning. Gods knows I love my caffeine. :3

House Targaryen: Dragon Kiss

Brew for 2 minutes then serve hot with a slice of lemon or cold over ice. Dragonwell leaves are the main part of this tea giving it warmth. The pineapple and papaya cubes make this tea more exotic than most and this unique appearing tea has a subtle strength, much like Daenerys. CHINA GREEN SENCHA, DRAGONWELL GREEN TEA, PAI MU TAN WHITE TEA, PAPAYA CUBES, PINEAPPLE CUBES, ROSE PETALS, STRAWBERRY PIECES

I drank the Dragon’s Kiss tea hot with no lemon to start, but I also tried it with lemon. I think the lemon detracted from the already amazing fruit flavor, so my recommendation is to drink this one straight up. For the record, I am not a huge fan of fruity teas, and usually go for a basic black or green… But this tea packs a pleasant punch and was absolutely divine! I can see how it would be tasty cold, so I’d also drink this one cold in the summer. The smell of this tea was my favorite. Divine!


All 3 of these teas blew me away with their unique and original flavors, powerful potency, and super great scents. It’s obvious Lydia has a gift for crafting these blends, and it has given me such a new found respect for the art of tea craft. I don’t know how you did it Lydia, but bravo – I highly recommend you all check out her Etsy and buy some of this delicious tea!


What Game Of Thrones tea collection would be complete without matching drink accessories? I made my tea experience extra full of Westeros awesomness with my Game Of Thrones wax seal sigil coasters and House Stark and House Targaryen mugs. Both were a gift from my fabulous friend Jacci!


You’d better, hurry… Winter is Coming. Buy Lydia’s Game Of Thrones Unique Tea Blends Here!