Get the IGGPPC to the Geekies


We did it! We really did it!
A panel of judges picked The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club as a finalist in the category of “Websites/Blogs” and we might win a coveted Geekie Award!

What does that mean? That means the IGGPPC is one of 5 finalists in The Geekie Awards. A panel of judges, who are experts in all things geeky and all things website-y, have scoured through all the nominees (about 25-30), and selected the top 5. And we were 1 of those top 5!

When and where is the award show? The award show is only 1 month away, on Sunday, August 17, 2014, and in Hollywood, California. You guys can watch it live on Twitch TV and Xbox.

What do you need from us? Yes – we know, now comes the difficult part. We hate asking for money, but we just have to get to Hollywood to accept this award if we win!

What we need is for you guys is to pick through your couch cushions, check under your car carpets, poke around in your cookie jars, and find all your spare change… any little bit will help to get us to Hollywood. We will not only be eternally grateful, but we will be in Hollywood representing YOU guys, the Iggles, and all members of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. Could you imagine: the community we have ALL worked so hard to build and foster, could be walking down the red carpet with the likes of Seth Green and Stan Lee? This is the big time!

We’re also offering really fun rewards for your contributions, so be sure to check out the reward levels for great swag and prizes!

We hate asking for money, but we truly believe we are deserving of this great honor, and on behalf of all of you, (and Iggles everywhere) we hope you will rally with us to help give the IGGPPC the spotlight it deserves. We’re not just going to Hollywood for ourselves, we are going for YOU GUYS. You make this community what it is!

All donations will go directly to get us to the Geekies, and any leftovers will be donated to charity. We promise full transparency with this!


Thank you on behalf of the IGGPPC HQ!

10 things I wish I could have told myself when I was 21

I just turned 29 on June 27th, and that means the next big birthday is 30. I hear this birthday tends to give people breakdowns, and existential crises, and many other assorted not so good things – but as for me, I’m feeling really good about aging. We all have to do it, and the older I get, the smarter I get, so I’m okay with it. These are some things I wish I could have told myself when I was 21.

Megan, Sean, Liz and I at Beer Boys… pretty sure I was 21.

  • Cancel that credit card, you idiot.
    Just cancel them. Right now. Get on the phone with that credit card company and tell them you are OUTIE. Bye bye. Nice knowing you. Seriously. Credit cards are the devil, and you really do not need any more cute dresses. Well, okay, maybe just the blue one with the lace back. But that is IT. After that, you are cancelling the shit out of them.
  • Break up with that controlling dousche bag. You’ll get over it.
    Stop dating assholes who do not bring out the best in you. Leslie, you are seriously the WORST at picking boyfriends. Why don’t you just wait about 6 years until you meet a guy named Mark. NO, not THAT Mark, the other Mark. He’s great, and perfect for you, but he is not perfect for the you that you are now, so WAIT 6 years.
  • Stop being a people pleaser to people who don’t matter, and start telling those who don’t matter to kindly screw off.
    You don’t have to please everyone, and in face – it is impossible. While you do have to be nice to everyone, but you do NOT have to be friends with everyone. Focus on those important people who matter. Stop being a people pleaser, and put all of that “people pleasing” effort into people who deserve your focus. If you have to walk on eggshells around someone, they are probably going to snap out on you at some point, so just cut them loose.
  • Spend more time with your mom. And dad too.
    They are pretty cool people, and you can learn a lot about life from them. They were once your age, and went through all the time same stuff. Plus, they are always there for you. Spend more time chilling with them. Go for coffee or something.
  • Enjoy the time you have at your “crappy retail job.”
    You will look back at the time you spent with friends working at Hot Topic and Gallery of Sound, and they will be some of your favorite and most hilarious memories. Even if you had to deal with weird mall rats and Juggalos who walked their girlfriends around on leashes, it will probably become some powerful comic book material down the line. Savor that shit.
  • Stand up for yourself, because you’re awesome.
    Don’t let anyone tell you that you are a problem, or not worth it, or self destructive, or doing it wrong, or that you should have sex with them, or that you should be doing something better or different, or whatever the fuck they want to say. You are living life the way you want and they can either love it or leave.
  • Keep drawing, all the time, every day.
    Remember that awesome drawing you did of Lenore? Or the Powerpuff Girls? Or drawing all your friends as comics? You were pretty good at it, and it was a really fun thing for you to do. Find time for it and do it.
  • Ex-boyfriends are not bad people, just bad boyfriends, and not right for you.
    Yeah, I know, I said some harsh stuff about them before, but seriously, cut the cord and move on. Stop going around smack talking the crap out of them. It didn’t work out, but realize, you were probably half the problem. Move on, gurl.
  • Participate in more college-y stuff.
    They’re always having weird stuff on campus. Like Renaissance Faires and Carnivals and stuff. So go, even if its just to make fun of how lame it is with your college friends. That works. But be present in it, silly as you think it is.
  • Save money.
    Put your change in a jar or some shit. Stop spending all your money like it’s burning a damn hole in your pocket, and stock some of that away for a rainy day. Or better yet, use it to pay off that gosh darn stupid credit card.

What do you wish you could have told yourself when you were 21? Leave it in a comment below

My kawaii, colorful and whimsical tattoos

My grandma requested to see my tattoos, so here you have it! cupcake-bird-tokidoki-tattoo A tokidoki bird with a sweet cupcake and some sugary sweets. The bird is perched on a cherry blossom branch and a full moon is behind it. I just love tokidoki and had the honor of meeting Simon Legno at NYCC 2012. I hope he goes again this year! pinkytoast-littlegirl-tattoo Pinkytoast is one of my favorite artists. This little girl is holding a lollipop and a caramel covered apple on a stick, and surrounded by green skulls. Creepy cute little girls with giant puppy eyes, absurd fun colors, and awesomely cute feet? It’s perfection. fiona-hewitt-tattoo Fiona Hewitt is another one of my favorite artists. This little girl has a bunny hat, Japanese lantern, colorful balloons, and a weird radish friend. Whimsical and weird, 2 words that definitely describe me. hot-air-balloon-tattoo My latest piece, a hot air balloon full of sweet goodies and a cute Care Bear star. By far the most painful tattoo I have ever had, but worth it! Not quite done yet, as you can see… Do you have any tattoos? What are they of?

Daily Outfit: Miss Kitty


I have been meaning to post more Daily Outfit posts but just haven’t had the time or energy. And now I finally have forced myself to get something going, so here it is! I wanted a chance to show off my new hair cut as well. The return of the bangs!

I am apparently gothic, as you can see by all the black everywhere. This dress!!! My most favorite of favorites is anything with a Peter Pan collar. It’s retro and whimsical! But the leopard gives it a grown up kind of feel. Oh and how about these tights? Polka dots, YES. Love them on pretty much anything.


And aren’t these shoes amazing? Feminine oxfords, so cute. In short, I love how it’s adorable yet professional. The entire outfit came from ASOS.

Wedding Planning 101: Things I wish I could have told myself before the big day


Keep your husband-to-be involved, even in tiny details. He’ll tell you if he thinks you are getting annoying.

Correct me if I am wrong, but typically, women tend to do most of the thinking, planning, choosing and organizing for the big day, versus their husbands. I mean, we’re pretty good at it. We have a vision! But there were times when I was on the psychotic Bride roller coaster, and I’d accidentally leave my husband behind. Surprise, surprise – he wanted to be involved in it all! And why shouldn’t he be, it is his big day too. I hated thinking I was annoying him with tiny little miniscule questions or details that he didn’t care about, but truthfully, it’s better to over-annoy him and ask him to tell you when to back off, versus leaving him out of the rush and thrill of the planning. Mark socked it to me a few times when I didn’t run something by him, and it not only showed me that he did care about the details, but wanted the day to be an “us” project and not just a “me” project. Totally “Aww” worthy.

Things will not go the way you plan. Things will not go the way you plan!

Bartending on my big day with my pal Kristina, because the party was still raging, but my bartender was off the clock! Turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the day.

The wedding I had in mind is not the wedding I got. It was truthfully, much better. But you have to be flexible, and adjust your attitude at the drop of a hat. If you get hung up on expectations, then when you get something different, you will be disappointed, even if it isn’t necessarily “worse.” Your expectations should be: “To marry the person of my dreams in front of friends, family and God (if you’re into that).” And that’s freaking it.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit of a Bridezilla.

When you get engaged, of course you feel like the happiest person ever, lounging about on Cloud 9, in a state of perfect bliss. But actually, you’ve just been hired on for a job that is painful, stressful, and requires a lot of work. Sorry guys and gals, but it’s true! Friends and family will have expectations of you to delegate, have a plan, and make use of their abilities. So try to focus on making decisions and doling out work. Your friends and family want to help you, so you’ll have to give them stuff to do.

Take moments during your wedding day to do nothing, but just soak it in, and observe.

Mark battling his way to me, during Capture the Bride. Many of our guests had boffer and latex LARP weapons and were ready to kick his ass!

You might be in such a rush to run around and enjoy the day, flitting about like a happy little freaking butterfly. You’ll be constantly talking, dancing, and scuttling about, like a crazed lunatic, that you’ll forget to focus on the moment. Take a moment (or several) to stop, sit down by yourself, people watch, take a mental picture of the guests, decorations, sounds, and smells… and then return to the action. These little breathers really became great mental photos for me.

Keep track of what you spend, and stick to your budget.

Well.. we WERE keeping track when we first started planning… right up until about 2 months before the big day. Then it all started going to hell. Things will get hectic, but create a spreadsheet and track every dime you spend! This way you can see what your budget was and where you measured up. It’s also good practice for post wedding financial planning and budgeting with your hubster.

Ask a bridesmaid or close friend to force feed you during the day.

Mark and I with our friend, Ibi, who is an ambassador for the United Nations.

You, or someone, paid a lot of money for that delicious food, and you probably won’t find time to eat. Ask someone to get you food on the day, before the big day. Then tell them to make you sit down for a minute, and scarf it down. Even if you aren’t hungry, the food is going to be delicious, and you will want to remember how it tasted!

Nothing will go wrong on the day.

My niece Maddie, as my flower girl, walking up the aisle with me. Primadonna.

Things are going to take on a life of their own on the day. One of your bridesmaids might get wasted-face, and sing a rousing rendition of “Don’t rain on my parade” by Barbara Streisand on the head table. Your crazy Uncle might take his shirt off, and spend all night hitting on the bartender. Or the 2 year old flower girl might refuse to walk up the aisle on her own, and instead walk up with the bride and father of the bride. But whatever it is, the mistakes and mishaps will make the day. It will be perfect. Remember: It’s your wedding day. Enjoy the shit out of it.


What advice would you give yourself pre-wedding?